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Vakuutusväen Liitto VvL

The Union of Insurance Employees in Finland, Vakuutusväen Liitto VvL ry, is a bold, influential and a visible lobbyist for its members’ interests. VvL promotes the occupational, social and legal interests of the employees working in the insurance, finance and investment sector. VvL works as a link between its member organizations. VvL was founded in 1945.

The core values of VvL are strength as a lobbyist, member orientation and equality.

VvL aims are renewing the salary system in the insurance sector, improving wellbeing at work, strengthening the power and influence of the labour movement, preserving jobs in Finland, to support its members during changes occurring in the employment and providing excellent service for its members.

VvL and the Service Sector Employers Palta bargain and agree on the generally binding collective agreement for the insurance sector.

VvL is a member of Finnish Confederation of Salaried Employees STTK. VvL is also a member of UNI Global Union, a worldwide union for the service business in the private sector, and the Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland, Suomen ammattiliittojen solidaarisuuskeskus SASK.

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